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FF`SPACE 7+1 questions

1. Most of us know your creations in experimental music as under the name of .AT/ON, and some of us is also heard sounds of your project named COTF, Why did you decided to release this new sound under the new name of 14CIRCLES?
2. Is there some difference in the process of creative expirience or is this transformation unexplainable ?
This transformation is closely related to changes in my life and new experience. Four years ago I moved from Ukraine to Sweden. There I studied applied acoustic. I would say that I discovered the other side of the sound.
I learned more about physics of sound and vibration. During that time I understand that my way of doing music will change. I thought that I need to take a pause, I need to rest and concentrate on other things. I realize that after this pause I would come back with another sound, another music and another name.
3. The name of your new album is “Body in White”, this is a quite nice name and it could have a lot of meanings. What does this name means for your sound?
4. Any other meaning of this term? Was this name generated randomly or Which concept did you try to put inside?
Well, now I am working as acoustician in Germany which is famous for automotive industry. Basically body in white is a certain stage in the production. During that stage usually vibroacoustic tests are performed. I tired to reflect this concept in music. This mean that sound is not polished, it is not perfect, it is still under construction. I tried to make music that sounds like it left sound factory a moment ago. Track titles are also reflect the language that is used by acousticians in this field. For me all this things were new and inspiring.
5. During the creation of the album Did you have a clear idea from the start to end, or was the process organised in some other way? Was it started from a special kind of sound or Is there an idea started at first or some creative process started before the idea?
6. How did the process of creation go?
I really cannot remember what I am doing during creation. Sometimes I am opening a project and listen to the sketches and I really cannot remember how it was done. During creating of the music I am playing with hardware or software and then it is like a feedback loop. I follow the sound but at the same time I am leading it. I have ideas and concepts and some of them I feel that I can implement during production of specific track or sample.
I think that pause is very important during music production. Sometimes it is important to give your ears and brain a rest and listen to the track tomorrow.
7. What kind of instruments did you use for creation of this work and what influence do you think this had on your work?
(+1) . Could you consider the up and downsides to working with this kind of instruments/tools?
I use both hardware and software tools during music production.
In my studio I have hardware instruments and effects that plugged into patchbay unit. So I can reroute signal in very complex way through all my devices. I used some DIY devices as well. Their behaviour sometime unpredictable but result can be very interesting. In my computer I use Ableton as a mixer and arrangement tool. I really don’t like ableton but I cannot find alternatives. Also I am using a lot of standalone programs, vst and au plugins, self made max/msp patches. I think that hardware and software always affect music and creativity. It gives a new boundaries that define the space where you can work.


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1. HERE we know your creations in the music under the name of YAPORIGAMI and some of us also knows your brilliant sounds under the name of Yu Miyashita. We could also find the information regarding the YAPORIGAMI project as for the beat oriented sound and sometimes we hear no beats but some nice pulsation in the music of this project (for example your great recent work at DETROIT UNDERGROUND “Eye / Hand”). What kind of beats did you mean here and what are the basic differences for these two projects YAPORIGAMI and YU MIYASHITA for you? Are this differences unexplainable ?

1. Yaporigamiとしての創作活動、またはYu Miyashitaとしての見事な作品を私達は知っています。Yaporigami名義はリズムにフォーカスしたプロジェクトという事ですが、時折ビートレスの鼓動の様な楽曲も聞く事が出来ます。(例えば、Detroit Undergroundより最近発表された素晴らしい「Eye / Hand」等)リズム / ビートと言った際に、どの様な意味合いを含めているでしょうか?また、この両名義Yaporigami / Yu Miyashitaの基本的な相違点は何でしょうか?それは説明可能でしょうか?
In short, (space wise) Yaporigami is club / dance orientated project and Yu Miyas…

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